Hiring & Workplace

  • Thinking about Hiring an Associate?

    When you bring an associate doctor into your practice, it is important to establish expectations and execute a written agreement to prevent misunderstandings.

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  • Interviewing Candidates

    The best people for your staff are the brightest, the most enthusiastic, caring, and diligent of all the applicants. How do you discern which applicant personifies these attributes and best suits the position? The most effective tool in meeting this objective is the personal interview.

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  • Hiring Staff – Where to Begin

    As entrepreneurs, many chiropractors assume several roles, especially in the early years of building their practices. However, as the practice grows, many doctors find they can no longer do everything. So where do you begin and what is the process to hire someone?

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  • What to Consider with Bringing on an Employee or Independent Contractor

    Perhaps your practice is growing or maybe you need to balance your practice with other professional or personal responsibilities. Whatever the reason, you've wondered whether you should hire an “employee” or bring on an “independent contractor.”

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