Financing & Accounting

  • How to Deal With Delinquent Accounts

    Being busy is great, but like any business, you need to get paid for the services you perform. Delinquent accounts are a reality, but you can keep them at minimum by knowing why they occur and considering a few key points.

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  • Managing Credit Cards, Student Loans and Other Debt

    Whether you just graduated or have been practicing for a while, how you manage your debt will be a key factor in your success as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Plus, careful debt management can provide you with the good credit history you need to start your practice on sound financial footing.

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  • Your Credit Score

    Today, your most important score could be your credit score. That's because it can determine the interest rate you pay to finance a new practice, car or home, and may even affect your ability to get hired as an associate. More employers – including hiring D.C.s – are checking the credit scores of potential employees.

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