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How does NBAC compare to the other national and state chiropractic associations? Will NBAC have a negative effect on national or state associations?


The chiropractic profession already has several national and state chiropractic associations and organizations that support the profession with practice focus, regulatory tracking, lobbying, education, coding, Medicare, legislation, research and insurance reimbursement issues.  NBAC is intended to be a complement to these associations and organizations by providing the resources, information and products that relate solely to the business and personal planning needs that a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic faces with running his or her practice.

NBAC’s focus is to implement information, resources and programs that meet the current needs of D.C.s, as well as those that will impact their future financial development. Since it is truly designed to complement the national and state associations, NBAC will more than likely have a positive effect since it will not compete with these groups but rather will augment with services and products they may not be able to provide.

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