Recognizing the Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media

Once considered a passing fad, social media has matured into a pervasive communication and marketing channel.

People use social media interactions to make decisions and meet their needs in most aspects of their lives—including decisions about when and where to obtain chiropractic care.

A healthy social media presence offers several benefits, but make sure to check with your legal counsel or state board before initiating any efforts.

Unsure about Social Media?

If you’re still apprehensive about getting started with social media, consider these points:

  • Many fellow DCs are already involved. Don’t let your competitors reap the benefits of this growing communication channel while you miss out.  
  • Start small. Relationships on social media grow exponentially. The sooner you start growing your audience, the better.
  • Rewards outweigh the risks. The time and money you spend to create your profiles, develop a website and write posts will less than more traditional 

Improved Brand Awareness

A strong social media presence makes it easier for current and potential patients to find and connect with you. Social media allows you to tell your chiropractic story to the world. Creating profiles on the top social networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat), posting regularly and commenting on others’ posts position you as a chiropractic educator, as well as an authority in your local community.

How-To Tip: Focus on crafting insightful posts that readers will be encouraged to share. Include links in your social media profiles and postings to drive visitors to your website—putting your practice in the forefront for people who need chiropractic services.

Enriched Patient Experiences

Be a resource. Social media isn’t a vehicle to blast your practice’s sales pitch; it’s a two-way communication channel much like email or the phone. Your intent with using social media should be to develop a dialogue and enrich patient relationships. Your social media interactions let you publicly demonstrate your level of customer service and introduce new patients to chiropractic. Start discussions with other doctors and healthcare providers to address current trends, recent industry news or interesting findings or studies.

How-To Tip: If a patient complains about you on social media, immediately address the comment and take the appropriate action to make it right. Or if a patient compliments you, thank them and recommend additional services. You might also ask them to provide a review.

Expanded Reach

With social media, millions of people can see your “online office” with a click of a button. By sharing your content through social media, your online followers naturally become referral partners and may help market your business for you.

How-To Tip: Set up your practice page so patients can “like” your practice. This shows the rest of the online world they trust you enough to use you for care, enticing others to establish that level of trust too.

Free or Low-Cost Advertising

Social media is an effective way to promote your practice, products, services and special events inexpensively. Just be careful to not oversell. Rather than always promoting your practice, provide content that offers value, inspires, educates or helps solve a problem.

How-To Tip: Join relevant Twitter chats, then join the conversations and share your expertise. You may want to send invitations to participants to receive advice or a complimentary assessment.

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