Following Up After Speaking at a Community Event

Public Speaking

Giving presentations is only part of the marketing advantages you receive from community education. Another is what you do after the speech is over.

Arrange your schedule so you can stay and visit informally with the group members immediately following your presentation. Many organizations will expect you to do this and might even organize a small reception for their members to meet you. This is the time you are most likely to attract new patients.


After all you have put into preparing this speech, it would be a shame to leave empty- handed. Make sure you get the names and addresses of each audience member. Some groups will provide for this, but if not, give away a small item, such as a T-shirt or pen. Ask the audience to throw in a business card or fill out an entry form to be included in the drawing. Draw for the prize at the end of your presentation and follow up with the names and addresses later.


Always send thank-you notes after your presentation and offer to speak again. You might even consider sending an individual thank-you note to all those who attended, giving you another opportunity to keep your name in front of them. 

Information adapted from "The Professional Practice Problem Solver," Laura Sachs, Prentice Hall.

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